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We will demo LienSys software to you remotely or in person. The demo is free and there is no obligation to buy anything. The demo will concentrate on what LienSys software can do for your company.


Installation, configuration, and training

During the installation process one of our engineers will:

  • Work with the customer to create the Windows Azure Account to host the system.
  • Install LienSys.
  • Configure LienSys to work with Microsoft Azure SQL.
  • Configure the header of Orders, Invoices, notification emails and other documents, so it shows the logo of our client.
  • Train LienSys users (lien search company staff) in the use of LienSys.
Hosting options:

We recommend hosting LienSys in Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud. This technology offers redundancy, availability, reliability, backups and security that is less expensive than the budget required to:

  1. Buy
  2. Install
  3. Configure
  4. Maintain the equipment (server and firewall appliances) and software (OS licensing, database licensing) necessary to properly run computer systems today
Hosting cost

The price of the hosting solution is paid every month by the client to Microsoft directly. Depending on the size of your company, the redundancy selected and the growth rate of your data hosting cost can be between $250.00 per month small lien search company to $350.00 for a large lien search company.


Reference of successful deployment for other customers can be provided upon request.


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